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Clay Enos, despite over a decade of working on blockbuster film sets, refuses to be pigeonholed into any one category of photography. Movie posters, a far-flung non-profit assignment, or a spontaneous portrait on the street, finds Clay consistently capturing moments that feel both real and transcendent. Always spontaneous yet sincere, Clay's unique style shines through his commercial, editorial and personal photographs.


Clay enjoys the fast pace of shooting on the fly. His relaxed, jovial style allows him to be creative and resourceful with whatever he is shooting. His recent commercial clients include Warner Bros. and the Bloomberg Foundation.


In 2007, film director Zack Snyder hired Clay to document his film adaptation of Watchmen for Warner Bros. That opportunity opened up a world that for the next decade saw him working as a set photographer. His most notable recent films include the Academy Award winning A Star is Born and the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed and worldwide blockbuster, Wonder Woman 1984. See the complete list: IMDB


When Clay is not riding his bicycle on the streets of New York, he is roaming the globe with his wife, jewelry designer, Kristine Cabanban, making memorable photographs of far away places (50-plus countries). He's as happy with a phone as with fancier gear. He speaks Spanish and French, has no problem traveling coach, and sleeps like a baby on airplanes.


The ad-free, data mining-free social network Vero is Clay's favorite place to share his work. He does so generously as one of their brand Ambassadors.


Clay has a BFA in Film, Photography and Visual Arts from Ithaca College. He has studied further with the VII photographers Jim Nachtwey, Gary Knight and Antonin Kratochvil.




Sony A9 Mirrorless Body
Sony A7RIII Mirrorless Body
Sony 24-70mm f-2.8
Sony 70-200mm f-2.8
Sony 85mm f-1.4
Sony 50mm f-1.4
Sony 35mm f-1.4
Holdfast Gear Moneymaker Strap System (link)
Iron Copper Bronze Clay Tote (link)



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